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hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis

The successful treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma depends on accurate and accurate diagnosis. However, this disease may be difficult to diagnose. It is important for a specialist who is familiar with Hodgkin's lymphoma to analyze your biopsy.

Diagnosis and examination of Hodgkin's lymphoma

If you have symptoms, it may indicate Hodgkin's lymphoma, and your doctor will examine you and inquire about your health, lifestyle, and family history.

One or more of the following tests can be used to detect the presence of Hodgkin's lymphoma. These tests can also help discover whether your treatment is effective.

Lymph node biopsy: Remove a small piece of tissue from a lymph node and observe it under a microscope. Sometimes, the entire node is deleted.

Imaging examination, including:


CT or CAT (computed axial tomography) scan

Positron emission computed tomography (PET) scanning

Magnetic resonance imaging scanning

Blood tests for evaluating liver and kidney function


Bone marrow puncture and biopsy: Insert a fine needle into the hip or other large bone to collect a small amount of cell samples from the tissue inside the bone. Then, observe the cells under a microscope.

Immunophenotype: Microscopic examination of cells in lymph nodes, blood, or bone marrow to determine the type of Hodgkin's lymphoma cells.

Lung function test: determining the working condition of the lungs

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