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Dear patient,

Welcome to Yizhou Cancer Hospital. In order to facilitate your medical insurance registration and reimbursement, we will inform you of the documents and precautions you need to carry.

Within three days of admission, you should register online at the medical insurance window on the first floor with the medical insurance registration review form, social security card, ID card and household registration book (provided by Zhuozhou urban and rural residents) filled in by the attending physician, and keep the patient's social security card in the medical insurance window. Patients are not allowed to leave the hospital during hospitalization, and are not allowed to stay in the hospital at any time through random checks.

After the discharge notice under the ward, the patient or family member shall go to the inpatient office on the first floor with the deposit slip for discharge settlement. After the settlement, the patient shall go to the medical insurance window for reimbursement with the settlement documents, diagnosis certificate (issued by the attending physician), ID card and bank card. After the reimbursement is completed, please go to the discharge window for invoice issuance.

If you have any medical insurance related questions, please call 010-50843897 or go to the medical insurance window on the first floor for consultation.

1. Our hospital is a designated medical institution for national medical insurance, and all patients with national medical insurance can be reimbursed for hospitalization in our hospital. (Specific reimbursement rates refer to local medical insurance policies).

2. Cancellation of the record for medical treatment in different places in Hebei Province.

According to the Hebei Medical Security Bureau issued the "Notice on standardizing the Basic Medical Insurance long-distance medical treatment Policy in the Province to achieve no difference in the Province", in order to continue to deepen the reform of medical security "decentralization service", promote the sharing of high-quality resources in the province, facilitate the insured masses in the province of long-distance medical treatment policy, achieve no difference in the province of direct settlement of medical treatment, cancel all provincial long-distance medical records. Insured personnel can select designated medical institutions and designated retail pharmacies for direct settlement of hospital and outpatient costs that have been opened in all coordinating areas of the province according to the regulations, and there is no need to record, so as to achieve direct settlement of long-distance medical treatment in the province.

Employees participating in basic medical insurance (including maternity insurance) and basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents in the planning areas of Hebei Province.

The medical expenses within the scope of the policy incurred by the insured personnel in the medical institutions that have opened inpatient or outpatient medical insurance designated points in other coordinating areas of the province outside the insured place, outpatient medical treatment and drug purchase in pharmacies.

The payment scope and standards stipulated by the place of medical treatment in the province (basic medical insurance drug list, diagnosis and treatment items, scope and standards of medical service facilities); The starting payment standard, payment proportion, maximum payment limit and other policy provisions of the medical insurance fund shall be implemented, and the treatment policies and settlement methods of the insured places shall be implemented.

Please submit your medical records to: BL@yizhouzhongliu.com