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Why choose Yizhou Cancer Hospital

Our hospital has organized post disaster free clinics in communities such as Shui'an Flower City in Zhuozhou City Our expert team went to Zhuozhou Third Middle School, the largest resettlement site for disaster victims in Zhuozhou City, to hold a disaster relief free clinic Yizhou Cancer Hospital became the first resettlement site for victims of "July 31 rainstorm in Hebei" Former Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and his delegation visited Yizhou Cancer Hospital Qingshui Xiangxing (Japan) Joins Yizhou Cancer Hospital as Vice President and Director of Children's Radiotherapy Center
  • Experienced

    A large number of patients, international academic exchanges, and continuous scientific research output have accumulated rich treatment experience.

  • Accurate plan

    Accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plans can be provided by trusted domestic and foreign experts at the first time.

  • Facility conditions

    The IBA proton therapy system, TOMO knife, gamma knife, PE-TCT and other equipment support the implementation of treatment plans.

  • Patient First

    Yizhou Cancer prioritizes the needs of patients and provides them with personalized treatment plans.



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