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Surgical oncology

Shang Liqun

job:Director of Thoracic Tumor Surgery and Graduate Supervisor

Positional Titles:Chief Physician

Specialty:Minimally invasive surgical treatment of chest tumors, including thoracoscopic surgery, mediastinoscopy surgery, and various small incision surgeries, as well as comprehensive treatment of chest tumors mainly based on surgery.


· Former Deputy Director of thoracic Surgery Department of the Sixth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital (Naval General Hospital)

· Member of the professional Group of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Thoracic Surgery Branch, Beijing Medical Association

· Young member of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Professional Committee of the PLA Medical Science and Technology Committee

· Youth member of Thoracic Surgery Specialist Branch of Beijing Medical Doctor Association

Professional expertise

Minimally invasive surgical treatment of thoracic tumors, including thoracoscopic surgery, mediastinoscopy surgery and various small incision surgery, as well as surgery-based comprehensive treatment of thoracic tumors.