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Osteosarcoma diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis is the key to success. Incorrect biopsy may make it more difficult for surgeons to remove all tumors without removing all or part of their arms or legs. Incorrect biopsy may lead to the spread of cancer cells. This is a very important biopsy procedure that is experienced by a surgeon in diagnosing and treating bone tumors as well as limb salvage techniques. If your doctor believes that you may have bone cancer, it is important to go to a cancer center with a specialized bone cancer program. You should search for a program that includes as many diagnostic programs as possible. If you have symptoms of bone cancer, the doctor will examine you and inquire about your health status and family history. One or more of the following tests can be used to check for cancer and whether the cancer has spread. These tests can also be used to determine whether the treatment is effective. A biopsy performed to remove a small piece of bone is used to confirm the presence of cancer cells. This is the only way to determine whether a tumor is cancer or other bone disease. It is very important for experienced surgeons in the diagnosis and treatment of bone tumors to undergo biopsy. There are two types of bone biopsy: needle puncture biopsy: inserting a long and hollow needle through the skin into the bone area to be tested. Take out the cylindrical bone sample with a needle and observe it under a microscope. Open or surgical biopsy: Cut an incision, and the surgeon takes out a small piece of bone for examination under a microscope. Doctors will determine which type of biopsy is most suitable for you based on several factors, including the type and location of the tumor. If possible, the surgeon performing the biopsy should also undergo surgery to eliminate cancer.


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