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Ependymoma diagnosis

Mri is the main test for intracranial ependymomas, and MRI is actually also used for spinal ependymomas. As a diagnosis and postoperative review, the main examination is nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI). Mri can clearly show ependymoma lesions and has certain imaging characteristics, which has certain advantages in the location and qualitative identification of ependymoma, and is of great value in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of ependymoma.

In case of ependymoma, preoperative examination, including laboratory tests, electrocardiogram, chest film, etc. According to the different parts of the tumor, choose the examination, such as the posterior cranial fossa tumor, the head CT examination will be done to see the skull condition, and CT examination can also find whether calcification, how difficult the operation is, do the overall assessment and judgment, but the main examination is MRI.

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