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leiomyosarcoma symptom

Soft tissue leiomyosarcoma often occurs in middle-aged and elderly patients, with a high incidence of 40 to 60 years of age, young people can also occur, and children are rare. It may occur retroperitoneally (the most common retroperitoneal malignancy), in the peripheral soft tissues (most commonly in the lower extremities, especially the greater legs), or in the walls of large blood vessels (mainly medium or large veins). The most common site of disease is the retroperitoneal area, the tumor is larger, more common in women. In males, it occurs mostly in the surrounding soft tissues and large blood vessels. Soft tissue leiomyosarcoma often presents as a mass, which may be painful in the peritoneum. The symptoms of leiomyosarcoma of inferior vena cava are related to the location of the tumor. The hepatic vein is blocked in the upper part of inferior vena cava, resulting in Budd-Chiari syndrome, which is characterized by liver enlargement, jaundice and abdominal fluid. Those located in the middle of inferior vena cava can block renal vein and damage renal function. It occurs in the lower part of the inferior vena cava and the large veins of lower limbs and can cause lower limb edema.

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